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Hi, I am Sandra; I hold a First Class Honours degree in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture from Manchester Metropolitan University. I am a full member of The British Acupuncture Council, they are a governing board that regulates my practice, to ensure I uphold a very safe, research-based acupuncture practice. I am fully licensed with the Ribble Valley Borough Council, Preston City Council and Lancaster City Council for the safe and hygienic practice of acupuncture.


Acupuncture absolutely amazes me, from the patients I have treated, I just awe at the results and effects it produces. Via some of the patients I have treated, I have seen, eczema and hives vanish, migraines reduce in frequency and severity, PMT, polycystic ovarian syndrome and menopausal symptoms improve. I have also seen the pain from Hypermobility syndrome reduce, musculoskeletal conditions corrected, IBS and diverticulitis symptoms go away. I have also been amazed by the way I have seen a skin swellings such as autoimmune conditions and benign growths and joint swelling from osteoarthritis conditions like reduce, during a treatment.


It brings me great pleasure in seeing my patients leave feeling better than they arrived, then returning to me the week after with further improvement and generally more energy.


Obviously, each and every person is different, which is why I tailor make and research the correct treatment plan for each patient Fact sheets on the efficacy of acupuncture during clinical trials can be found on the British Acupuncture Councils website





Sandra from Tonic Acupuncture

Sandra from Tonic Acupuncture

Sandra from Tonic Acupuncture of Longridge and Lancaster

Stan from Tonic Acupuncture

Stan from Tonic Acupuncture

Stan the Acupuncture Man from Tonic Acupuncture of Longridge and Lancaster

Back acupuncture Tonic Acu

Back acupuncture Tonic Acu

Lady receiving a back acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture brings balance

Acupuncture brings balance

Acupuncture at Tonic Acupuncture of Longridge, Lancashire and Lancaster brings balance

Relief and freedom

Relief and freedom

Acupuncture at Tonic Acupuncture of Longridge, Lancashire and Lancaster brings relief and freedom



During your treatment, I will assess your condition with a range of diagnostic techniques, including asking questions, feeling your pulses, and looking at your tongue. This enables me to discover what is the root cause of your condition.

Acupuncture looks to treat the body as a whole, after all our body parts and mind are all connected. 


The first treatment is longer, normally 1.5hours, this is split over a webcam consult (45 mins) and a in-person acupuncture treatment (45mins), and during this treatment, I will advise you how many sessions I would expect to see some changes within. This forms the start of the treatment plan. 


Acupuncture needles are used at specific acupuncture points to help reduce your symptoms. These are usually retained for 20+ minutes whilst you relax. 


Acupuncture needles are very fine, single-use, sterile stainless steel needles. Most people feel very little to no sensation on insertion of the needles Although there can be a dull pulling, tingling, temperature change or heaviness felt, this is not unpleasant and it is the feeling that the body is switching on your healing mechanism. 


Sometimes there are immediate changes in how you will feel, but more often the changes occur over the following days. These can be very subtle changes in the beginning, like being able to sleep better or your mood improving. 


Side effects are rare, mild effects consist of some slight bruising or bleeding, some people feel tired after the treatment. I always advise trying to relax the day of your treatment and to drink plenty of water. 

Occasionally some symptoms can worsen for 1-2 days after the treatment. This is usually a good sign and shows that your body is in repair mode, however, please remember that you should contact us or your GP if you are worried about symptoms getting worse.


Often treatment will also consist of Moxibustion, Fire Cupping, Auricular acupuncture, and some massage. 


To understand how I will help reduce your risks during thin-person treatment, visit the Safety Page

To book an appointment visit the book now page. 



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