Tonic Acupuncture Longridge

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

The following treatments are available in Longridge

@  Tonic Acupuncture, 5 Enterprise House, Warwick Street, Longridge. PR3 3EB


New patients £20 for the first webcam consult

+ £40 for face to face acupuncture treatment. =£60

Follow treatments 

 £40 for face to face acupuncture treatment

Please note these were my prices before Covid-19, I will attempt to keep my prices at this, but I will need to review them as I have fewer appointment slots available due to spacing of appointments and the energy drain of wearing PPE. 



Fire Cupping



Cupping is like a reverse massage. It is sometimes used in an acupuncture treatment or instead of for needle-phobic patients, especially good for increasing blood flow and warming muscles




Moxibustion is often used in an acupuncture treatment, it brings a deep warmth to the body and it is very relaxing. 

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