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What do you like most about the service you receive @ Tonic Acupuncture?

You are so very caring and take time to listen to what's going on with me 

(Patient Survey 2019).

See the Safety page for more information about what you should be booking

Opening hours for in-person acupuncture treatments are -

Monday & Wednesday 2pm - 6pm, Fridays 2pm-5pm, Tuesday & Thursday 10am-2pm. 

Availability for webcam consult appointments are

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am-1pm, Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-7pm. 

Allow yourself some time to complete the intake forms as you book.


All bookings require your card details so payments can be processed at the start of your appointment. 

Text me on 07908 806027 if you have any questions

Click here if you would like to purchase optional PPE upgrades. You will receive a Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask (IIR) on arrival if you don't have one already. If you do have your own stock, it would be good for you to attend with your own to help keep my additional costs down. 

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