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What do you like most about the service you receive @ Tonic Acupuncture?

You are so very caring and take time to listen to what's going on with me 

(Patient Survey 2019).

For New Patient Appointments there will be a health survey to complete, this should take no longer than 10 minutes, but if you are short of time, you may come back to it later via your confirmation email and appointment reminder email. Just complete all the questions with the red Asterix to allow it to save. You can even come back to it and complete these answers with more info once it has saved.

You will find appointments available on Monday to Thursday 10am-6pm. 

If you struggle to attend I can provide home visits, call me on 07908 06027 to discuss this further

It is usually easier to pay whilst booking, but if you wish, you can pay at the appointment too. Packages are available to get a small discount. 

Text me on 07908 806027 if you have any questions

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