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Sandra Hart BSc MBAcC

Sandras Clinic Hours 

Monday - Wednesday
9.45am - 5.30pm 

Thursdays - 9.45 - 7pm


Sandra has a special interest, training and experience in treating patients for

Autoimmune conditions,
Chronic and acute pain,  
Digestive conditions,
Grief and life changes
General rebalancing and
Hormonal rebalancing

Whilst these are her keen interest areas, she is happy to treat patients with other conditions too. Since qualifying in 2017, she has worked and managed a very busy clinic with a very broad range of patients and conditions seen. 

Sandra offers 2 different types of follow up appointments options, see below for more info.

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New Patients 

New acupuncture appointments with Sandra are £85, she allows 2 hours to complete these appointments. 

Sandra takes a deep dive into you as a whole, looking at all aspects of your health and life. This enables her to identify the possible cause of your symptoms and through the follow ups, if needed, she encourages you with knowledge and support to aid you in making modifications for long lasting results.

Sandra will offer you a symptoms tracker tool that can help through your journey, this will help for the deeper dives in the longer follow up sessions. 

Not had acupuncture before ? 

If you would like to be sure if acupuncture at Tonic is the best fit for your health needs before booking a new appointment, then please book in to have a 20 mins to chat on the phone with Sandra, she will ask you questions about your main reason for seeking out help with your health and well-being and she will be able to advise you if she feels acupuncture with her could be beneficial to your needs. Plus she will advise you which session option would be most beneficial to you. 

Follow up - Longer (75 mins = £60)

This option is great for the patients who are working with Sandra and are making valuable changes in their life. 
These sessions allow around 20 minutes for discussion, 20 minutes for treatment (acupuncture++), and allowing a long resting time of 30-40 mins. Giving you lots of time to unwind and relax.

If someone needs longer in discussion then treatment time can be reduced to balance this out and vice versa. 

1hr 15mins = £60


Follow up - Short (45 mins = £50 )

These sessions are for patients that don't require much conversation. Great if you have had many sessions with Sandra very recently and you are just needing a regular top up session. Or perhaps you are seeing Sandra for a none lifestyle related condition.
Sessions will 
consist of around 5-10 mins discussion, 15 mins for treatment (acupuncture++) and around 15 mins resting. 

If it turns out more discussion or more treatment is needed, the resting time can be reduced to balance this out. 


Treatment Packages with Sandra

Take a look here to see the treatment packages Sandra offers, saving you between 5-10%

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