Safety Measures For All In Clinic Appointments

What The British Acupuncture Council Advise 

At Tonic Acupuncture we take your health protection very seriously. The British Acupuncture Council (the professional body that we are both members of) have set their current safety guidelines, some of these are as follows;- 

  • Acupuncture treatments are classified as a medical treatment, acupuncture clinics will remain open through-out any lockdowns for medical needs.

  • Face to face consultations should be risk assessed to ensure the potential contagion risk to patient and practitioner is considered before an ‘in-person’ treatment is offered.

  • Face masks must be worn by both patient and practitioner throughout the appointment.

  • Close contact time should be kept to a minimum

  • To screen all patients before each face to face appointment for any potential Covid-19 symptoms.


Expansion of the rules


We have thought long and hard about how we can keep both our patients and ourselves as safe as possible during acupuncture appointments. 


If you have a pre-existing health condition that puts you into the ‘at risk’ category, then we will, together need to assess the risks versus benefits of you attending a face to face appointment and assess if a virtual session would be better. We may request permission from your GP or consultant to ensure they are happy with you attending the clinic for acupuncture, this is to ensure all potential risks have been considered. 

Keeping close personal contact down to a minimum where possible. This will reduce the chance of your acupuncture session being a risk of passing any virus, especially Covid-19. We can easily do this in clinic as we have a large space to enable us to talk at a distance and just come close for the hands on part of the treatment. 

Appointment Process

  • Before your appointment you will receive a set of Covid screening questions

  • At the appointment you will be required to wear a face mask through-out. If you are exempt from wearing a mask, please get in touch before booking as we have special appointment slots for you in this case. 

  • During the appointment when asking questions we will be over 2mts apart 

  • Close contact time will be limited where possible, but without restricting the benefits of the required treatment. 

  • If other patients are attending the clinic arrival times will be staggered to limit interactions. 

  • We are not accepting cash payments at all. All payments are taken online, It is best if you pay just before your treatment, this leaves more time for the treatment and less time on "admin". Please see my privacy policy for full details on the security of these payments as I take your data security as seriously as your health protection.

Before During and After your face to face appointment

  • All therapists will be lateral flow tested twice per week.

  • All therapists are fully vaccinated. 

  • We will be wearing clean clinic attire that we change into on arrival at the start of each clinic session.

  • We use a wipeable apron that we clean between each appointment

  • We ensure our hands are cleaned thoroughly before and after touching patients.

  • We will be wearing, at a minimum, a surgical-grade fluid resistant face mask (IIR).

  • We will provide you with an IIR fluid-resistant mask for each appointment if you don't have one already. 

  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands before entering the clinic area

  • Blankets that will be used are silver foil emergency blankets, these are then bagged up and labeled for each patient for their next treatment. If you prefer, you can bring your own clean blanket. 

  • The treatment area will be aerated for a minimum of 15 mins and cleaned between each patient.

  • Each patient will be Covid-19 screened before each face to face appointment.

  • There are no cancellation fees for any Covid-19 related reasons.





Stan from Tonic Acupuncture

Stan from Tonic Acupuncture

Stan the Acupuncture Man from Tonic Acupuncture of Longridge and Lancaster

Acupuncture brings balance

Acupuncture brings balance

Acupuncture at Tonic Acupuncture of Longridge, Lancashire and Lancaster brings balance

Relief and freedom

Relief and freedom

Acupuncture at Tonic Acupuncture of Longridge, Lancashire and Lancaster brings relief and freedom