Acupressure Self Care

Home Based solutions for your health and well-being needs


Helping you stay home but still get the treatments you really need, suitable for people who have been told to self-isolate, feel too vulnerable to attend the clinic, or perhaps live in another part of the county.  

The cost of these sessions is based on the in-clinic cost of £40 per hour. You will see whilst you are with me on webcam for 1hour, I then spend roughly 30 mins per patient creating the aftercare sheets. These sessions, as they involve teaching you the point locations and application, so the more you keep up with the self-care, the less directed treatment sessions you would need. 

The conditions and symptoms that  acupressure can be helpful for is pretty endless.

The cases I have helped already with acupressure have been for; reducing coughs/flu symptoms, lower back, hip neck and shoulder issues, headaches, sinus issues, insomnia, stress and anxiety, skin itching and digestive problems. 

I have also received some good feedback from people I have taught to use Moxibustion for reducing the lasting cough from a respiratory virus and many cases of aching joints and muscles. 

Acupressure is a wonderful tool that I can teach you. I will first ask questions as to your symptoms, lifestyle and diet, then I will look at your tongue. After a good discussion, that many people find very highlighting and insightful, I will show you which acupressure points will be best for you. We will then run through a relaxing session of self acupressure.

After the session I will send you pictures of the points used and if you have requested a recording of the acupressure session. I will request that you repeat the acupressure session several times before we meet again.

This will help you take more control of your symptoms. 

I will also be offering for you to purchase an Acupressure Self Care Tool Kit. Amongst other things, this kit will consist of sticky plasters with either seeds or small magnets to activate the points for you. This kit is optional and we can discuss this during your first WebCam Consultation, I will only send out the items that I feel will be suitable to you and your symptoms.