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“The First Wealth is Health.”



At Tonic Acupuncture in Longridge, you will receive 

relaxing treatments and advice that aims to improve your health and well-being. 

Sandra Hart BSc MBAcC and Janet Stevens BSc MBAcC from Tonic Acupuncture are both trained to treat the root cause of your condition; looking at your body, mind, and spirit as one.



Mountain Lake


"Sandra has a warm caring approach, be it in person or on video. 

Her teaching of using magnets on acupressure points was clear and precise.

Sandra has an exemplary approach to aftercare, asking for updates on progress, and making further suggestions.

After having acute hip pain for some time I have found the care and advice offered by Sandra has really proved beneficial.

Thank you, Sandra.”

Emailed Review, SM. 2020 

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